Closed System Transfer Device


Efficiency of Closed System Drug Transfer Devices

An efficient Closed System Drug Transfer Device helps stop exposure to dangerous drugs.  A study presented at ONS (Oncology Nursing Society) 38th Annual Congress has proved that using CSTDs minimized   unpredictability in infusion set-up of dangerous drugs, which also restricted occupational exposure with regulating administration.

The NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), the ASHSP (American Society of Health System Pharmacists) and ONS all organizations recommend using Closed System Drug Transfer Devices to reduce exposure to perilous drugs during preparation & distributing.  According to NIH (National Institute of Health) a CSTD is a device that automatically stops contamination of the concern environment by dangerous drugs through the release of perilous drug containing aerosols, vapors or droplets.

About Equashield

Equashield is the famous CSTD provider, which is considered as the world safest and clinically proven device that helps stop the exposure to dangerous drugs and protect healthcare workers from hazardous drug & vapor exposure.  The Equashield II is the best and fastest CSTD to organize and easy to use. It is also the only the best closed device available in the market, which is covering more paths of exposure and protecting against discloser to perilous drug residue on infected syringe plungers. Visit their website for more information.

The Equashield II

The Equashield II is a closed System Drug Transfer Device, it is a preassemble syringe that stops hypodermic contamination by air-bubble migration and unsafe drugs.  The device contains encapsulated plunger and barrel, included closed pressure-equalization, and an incorporated signal-motion-connector that continues free of drug remains after several connections. Dry connectors and closed-pressure-equalization are incorporated into the syringe, consequently prevents microbial access into vials even after frequent jab. Therefore the preassemble-syringe needs no further arrangement, faster operation time are obtainable. 

Various health organizations are trying to find efficient way to deal with the risks caused by hazardous drugs.  They gave rise to an efficient and safety equipments like Closed System Drug Transfer Devices that can be utilized to stop exposure to hazardous drugs. The healthcare providers taking extra precautionary steps to designs such safety devices using their proficiency and capability.  These closed transfer devices are first checked for its ability and then verified by various national occupation safety system and international healthcare organization.  If the device gets clearance tag, then the healthcare providers can use it at their workplace, they can use the device while giving drugs to cancer patients this device stops spills and vapors and exposure to hazardous drugs and protect healthcare professional from the risks of unsafe drugs.